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Rubs and Sauces

Rubs and Sauces!

A good rub is what makes barbecue what it is. Snout & Co. blends 19 different spices to make a rub we can stand by. Cooking pork with rub and smoke is only a part of our process. We add a small amount of a mustard-based sauce to compliment all of these flavors and finish the pork at a low and slow. Once broken down in its own juice, all of these components form goodness!

We also have finishing sauces for you to enjoy curbside. You have to try our ancho molasses or if heat is what you want, we have a habanero-honey molasses that will make you grin!

Taste of Cuba

Taste of Cuba!

If you would like a taste of Cuba, come and try our mojo pork. We blend fresh citrus and spices to create this amazing style of pork that the Cubans have perfected. We will also offer our family recipe of black beans and fried plantains that are served with our smoked tomatillo-coconut sauce.

"Growing up with a Cuban grandmother has always given me a sense of pride. Cubans love their community and share their food with smiles".

Lee Scott - Owner of Snout & Co.